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 Olympus World
 Nov 26th, 2014

The long awaited work to turn the front of Garden City, (which houses Club Olympus) into a pedestrianised area has begun. The Adeje town council have long planned to improve the entire frontage  from the San Eugenio Shopping Centre to the Costa Adeje Clinic.

The above shot shows the pathway directly in front of Garden City by the Star Bar Pub. Green meshing seperates pedestrians from the road works. Instead of the dual carriageway, the road will be reduced to two lanes and a large area will be created "giving the frontage back to the holiday makers" as the council says.


Pictured above is the section in front of the Iberostar Las Dalias hotel heading towards the San Eugenio Shopping centre.

We are delighted that this work is going ahead as it will deal with the cramped pathway in front of our Reception area and make it much safer. Also, a lovely wide avenue will be created for the heavy foot traffic in front of Garden City.

Meanwhile, inside the resort, it is still beautifully tranquil!

 Olympus World
 Nov 3rd, 2014

No great guesses about what I was up to a couple of days ago!

I managed to sneak off with Captain Jamie Hinson on the Happy Hooker for a few hours. We caught some great fish during the day including quite a few Stingrays.

Here is one that I am steadily bringing up. They are not a fish that we are particularly looking for. Although they can be eaten they are magnificent creatures who are put back and treated as tenderly as possible.

Here we see a beautiful Round Fan-Tail Ray. They are slipped out of the water on to the back transome rather than into the boat as it is already stressful being caught. Their protective covering of slime isn't touched as it can result in infection for the fish.

What we are really after are TUNA! Like this little beauty here below.

The Atlantic Bonito is a fabulous fish for fighting and eating. Luckily, the Dad of young Elliot (pictured above) is a chef, so dinner was organised for that night!

The picture above shows what it looks ike when three Stingrays are hooked at once and go into a giant tangle! Fortunately, Jamie has the patience of a saint and sorts it all out.

Fishing with the Happy Hooker in Tenerife is a great experience, click here for their website

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