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 Mar 27th, 2015

We had quite a good view of Mount Teide this morning. At over 12,000 feet high it is the tallest mountain in Spanish territory and can have snow on it for large parts of the year.

I took this shot using a Tele-photo lens from our Pool side, then gradually just pulled the image back. The idea being to show the contrast between snow on the mountain and the weather down at Club Olympus.


The mountain peeks out above the Iberostar Las Dalias hotel next door to Club Olympus in Garden City.

You can already see the warmth reflected in our pan-tiled rooves at Garden City and when we pull right back to our Pool pic, it completes the sequence!

How amazing is that! Below freezing at the top of Teide to 25 degrees by the Pool.

Mount Teide is an iconic part of Tenerife and dictates the weather patterns and micro-climates of this amazing island. For example, whem most of the island is under cloud cover, Playa De Las Americas and Los Cristianos tend not to be. Hence being the centre of sunshine holidays in Europe.

Click here for more information about Mount Teide.

 Olympus World
 Mar 26th, 2015

Yes we have, the paving has reached right up to the corner of our slip road at Garden City!

The work is progressing much more rapidly than we thought and the whole project is taking shape.


The road layout is now evident and it looks as if the roundabout that was a couple of hundred yards up the road is now going to be outside the resort. A two way road system is going to be in place instead of the current duel carriageway and obviously a much bigger pathway for holiday makers to enjoy. All in all, we think it will be a great improvement!


Meanwhile, back in the resort and everybody is having a blast including Eric and Lynne from Sheffield.

There has been a little bit of cloud around today but not enough to halt sunbathing. The resort is looking well and our painting programme continues. Our major issues at the moment are replacing the nearly 30 year old water pipes. This work is carried by replacing short sections when necessary and not inconveniencing our guests.

Here below are Jose and Lupe of our Reception Team.

They are ready to welcome you when you arrive here in Tenerife. Also the team in the Poolside Bar are looking forward to seeing you. Who can forget our "Star in the Bar" Charlotte!

We will see you soon!


 Olympus World
 Mar 25th, 2015

As you know, we at Club Olympus love a good sunset and we are blessed with spectacular sunsets on a regular basis here in Tenerife. Last night, walking on the seafront with my wife, we enjoyed the sun setting behind the nearby island of La Gomera.

This photo was taken on the seafront just in front of the 'Mare Nostrum' hotel in Playa De Las Americas last night.


 Olympus World
 Mar 23rd, 2015

Just keeping you up-to-date with recent news.

Road works at the front are coming on apace, it might even look like they are on target!

In the shot above you can see that the concrete base for the paving slabs is now right at the corner of the resort. Further up the paving has been laid right up to the Star Bar. It's getting closer!

The weather last week was spectacular and everybody thoroughly enjoyed crashing out in the sunshine, particularly when it was miserable back at home.


You can just see Gabby (Entertainment Team) just on the right, handing out quiz papers under a glorious blue sky. Here below is Head Lifeguard Ricardo, taking care of business.

Actually there was no one in the pool at that moment so there wasn't much business to be taken care of! But he was there just in case.

Tony Rhodes (pictured below) , Financial Director of the Olympus Group, visited the resort this week. It was a trip combining business and leisure.

Tony, shown in the Club Olympus Poolside Bar, had a great trip and met lots of our Owners and got a lot of work done,  ahemmmm! It was good to have him here.

Pictured below are two of our newer Bar Team members.


On the Left is Leigh from the Wirral (near Liverpool) who say's that she is NOT a Scouser! On the right is Luana, originally from Sardinia. Luana speaks great English, Spanish and Italian. The girls look forward to seeing you in the bar soon.

The resort is in great shape and we at Olympus continue to improve and maintain things so that you, our valued timeshare owners, guests and friends can have a fabulous time when you are here in Tenerife.

We look forward to seeing you soon here at Club Olympus in sunny Tenerife.

 Olympus World
 Mar 11th, 2015

We are pleased to let you know that as from Tuesday of this week the Club Olympus Poolside Bar now has free wifi.

Mark Bancks, our Head of IT pictured above, installed the system and set it up so that not even a password is required.

Simply find Olympus Poolside Bar in your wifi settings, click on it then click continue. Job done!

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