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 Apr 28th, 2015

What are we talking about? The road improvement in front of Club Olympus in Garden City of course!

We are within a whisker of the first section up to our barrier being completed. Hopefully by the end of this week the pavement will be finished. The path is widened and fully opened right up to the San Eugenio Shopping centre and is lovely.

The next section will be from the other side of our slip road up until the Bus Station half a kilometre away.

Pictured above is Juan, our Porter, standing on the pavement which should (should???) be being replaced soon.

Meanwhile back inside the resort, everything is brilliant and the weather is fabulous!

We are currently working at tidying up the Garage area which has needed attention for a while. It is really only used by residents of Garden City and by a few guests who need wheelchair access to groundfloor lifts in the Garage. Hopefully that should be finished soon and is not affecting anybodies holiday.

Certainly not Tom and Hannah Brady pictured above anyway - As they say, come on in, the water's lovely!

We are called Club Olympus in Garden City after all

See you soon - The Team at Club Olympus rolex replica

 Olympus World
 Apr 15th, 2015

Most of you know our team down at Club Olympus in Garden City. However, if you don't, we like you to be up-to-date. Here below is Gabby Rhodes who heads up our Kids Klub and Animation at the resort.

Gabby is the daughter of Ivan at Club Olympus and has been with us for 6 years.

Here below is Jose Reyes of our Reception Team. He is holding up our recent award from for achieving 8.3 excellence rating. Jose has been with us for 11 years.


Our next shot is of Hugo Martel, partner of Louise who runs the Poolside Bar. Hugo is a qualified Cocktail waiter as well as being one of the star members of our Poolside Bar team! Hugo has been with Club Olympus for 3 years.

We will bring you some more staff profiles soon

 Olympus World
 Apr 10th, 2015

As promised, here is the latest up-date on the road improvements at the front of Club Olympus in Garden City.

The paving has come right up to our barrier now but still needs finishing in it's entirety.

They have to complete the left hand side of the path up to the Chinese restaurant terrace but have have left it semi-finished until other pipework is complete. However, looking the other way gives us a real perspective on how much work has been done!

As you can see, the pavement widening, planting of trees replica panerai and new paving stones are complete. The road itself on the other side has not been finished yet but our section in front of the resort is just about there. At least we don't have any diggers or machinery directly outside our complex now. This work has been completed much more rapidly than we thought. All credit to the local council (Ayuntamiento in Spanish) for the speed of the project!

Inside the resort of course, all is normal and our guests are having a blast!


The resort is busy and the weather is fantastic. All our members, owners, guests and visitors are thoroughly enjoying themselves.

Our heated main pool is the focal point of the resort along with our splendid Poolside Bar. Pictured below is our top pool. This pool is not heated but is very popular with those who want some peace and quiet!


As you can see, it's quite a limited clientele! But lovely and peaceful for those who wish to be "far from the Madding crowd".

If you need to speak with us, organise a reservation, make a booking, check that everything is ok or indeed anything, then please give Sue Simon a call in Tenerife on 0034 922 795606 or email Sue at SS2 at

We look forward to seeing you soon!

From the team at Club Olympus in Garden City

 Olympus World
 Apr 9th, 2015

We like this!

 Thank you for your positive reviews and comments.

 Olympus World
 Apr 2nd, 2015

About a 15 minute ride away by taxi is the little fishing port of Las Galletas. On the seafront of this village are several great little restaurants. One of them is a Belgian Restaurant by the name of Panorama. They specialise in freshly steamed mussels.


The Mussels come in a variety of sauces, you choose which one you like. We generally go for the white wine and Garlic. We, in this instance, being my wife Janette and mum Jane Rhodes!

Pictured above is my Mrs, thoroughly enjoying her kilo of fresh mussels. The lid is used as a handy "graveyard" to dispose of your mussel shells. Chips are provided along with a delicious Bearnaise sauce.

As we get to the bottom of our Mussels, we are left with a delightful soup that has to be finished with a spoon and plenty of bread (best to go when quite hungry).


Pictured above is Mum Jane enjoying the wonderful Lemon and Vodka Sorbet to finish off with and here below is me Ivan with a happy, smiley face after a great lunch.

Restaurante Panorama is smack on the sea-front with fabulous views and super friendly staff. They have a great menu but the Mussels are the thing to have here. They are closed on Mondays, as are many restaurants here in Tenerife.

The kilo of Mussels costs 14 Euros but includes chips and sauces. Ask any member of the Olympus team for instructions on how to find it.

Click here for Panorama Facebook page and here for TripAdvisor page.

Bon Provecho!

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