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 May 29th, 2015

Tenerife has a vast selection of high quality eating places covering virtually all types. Chinese is a particulour favourite and one of the best is the "Overseas" Restaurant just below Beverley Hills in Los Cristianos.

In very modern surroundings you can enjoy ancient chinese cooking as I am doing in the picture above!

I love Dim Sum, so a splendid starter of Sui Mai was a natural place to begin. In fact the "Overseas" has a full Dim Sum or chinese dumpling menu.

Our Sales Manager Ray is very much a Noodle-man and that was his choice of main course!


Prawn Noodles for Ray, Sweet and Sour Chicken for me with a Special Fried Rice to share! Fabulous.

We were there quite early at about 1pm'ish. The Spanish clientele tend to eat later, usually between 2 and 3 so the restaurant wasn't so busy. The service was terrific and prices reasonable. It really is a great spot for lunch or dinner.


It is about a 15 minute taxi ride from Club Olympus and most taxi drivers know it well. Of course simply ask any Olympus team member for directions and they will sort you out.

If you enjoy Chinese food, you will enjoy Overseas Chinese Restaurant in Los Cristianos! It is a 'Fusion' Restaurant so they also have Thai food and combinations of the two. The family who run the Overseas are very friendly and the restaurant is immaculate.

Give it a go!

 Click here for their website - Overseas

Bon Provecho!


 Olympus World
 May 15th, 2015

Our Charlotte is unfortunately leaving us today! She has been one of our star people for years and we are desperately upset to lose her from the Poolside Bar.

Char is going back to the UK to study and we at Club Olympus would like to thank Charlotte for her hard work, dedication and fabulous imput to the Club Olympus family. We will truly miss her and we know that you will too.

All of us at Club Olympus wish Charlotte the absolute best for the future. With her talent, wit and personality, she will reach the top rung of the ladder in whichever profession she chooses.

Cheers and all the best Char from us all.

 Olympus World
 May 7th, 2015

Just a quick reminder that we have a great little Gym here at Club Olympus. It was called Hedley's Gym in honour of the way that my sadly missed Dad Hedley, looked after, sculpted and honed his body.


Here above was Dad (with Mum Jane) engaging in one of his favourite body-shaping exercises!

However our Gym really is a super place to work out or indeed begin to burn some calories. It is well equipped for a small gym and we can cater for most needs.

From free weights to multi-gym we can generally keep up to anything that you are used to.

Our personal Trainer Lynne, pictured below, will look after you and give one-on-one training if you require it. She is a fully qualified Gym expert and trainer and will have you 'sweating buckets!' (or 'glowing buckets' if you are a lady!)

Don't let that lovely smile fool you!

Lynne will also tailor-make fitness programmes and dietary routines to suit you.

So get yourself to Hedley's Gym when you next visit Club Olympus (or alternatively stay in the sunshine with an ice-cold beer - hmmmmmmmm)

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