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 Jul 14th, 2015

We are sorry to let you know that our Alan is retiring from Club Olympus. Alan Gibbons has been with us for nearly twenty years and is very much a feature of our resort.

Alan has always loved people and takes great pride in caring for our Owners, guests, visitors, family and friends. He has spent hours visiting guests in hospital when necessary, looking after ones who are disabled or struggling a bit, making sure they enjoy their holidays here at Club Olympus.

He has been a constant presence, welcoming everybody and keeping an eye on everything to make sure people are happy and enjoying themselves. If something does go wrong he sorts it. His signature 'thumbs up' to everybody will be remembered.

He enjoyed a great working relationship with Resort Developer Hedley Rhodes and they were often seen laughing together. His work with us will always be deeply appreciated and we are sure you feel the same.


Many years ago, Alan worked with the local Radio service as the chief Marketeer of advertising. Having always been a bit of a 'Hippy' he rolled up to an interview with me (Ivan) dressed in a floral shirt, faded, raggy jeans, sandals, ear rings, leather bangles and a big bushy beard. I said "Al, you can't work with Club Olympus looking like that". "No problem Ive, I'll see ya tomorrow" he said.

Next day Alan appears in the bar, clean shaven, no ear rings, smart shirt, trousers and proper shoes and socks, only one bangle and said "What do you think?". I said "I think you start tomorrow" and so Alan's long history with us began.

Pictured above is Alan with his lovely wife Mandy.

We will miss him and we wish Alan and Mandy, all the very best wishes for the future and no doubt we will see them soon.

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