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 Oct 23rd, 2015

Contrary to popular opinion, I honestly do some work BUT on days off I do enjoy going sea-fishing as you guys know.

I generally go with my mate Jamie Hinson who has a charter boat called "The Happy Hooker".

The Hinson family have fished the waters of Tenerife for more than thirty years and know the best places to catch big and small game-fish.

Pictured above is me (Ivan) sat waiting for something to bite at our 'Troll-Rods' at the back of the boat. This particular day we were mostly 'Trolling' for Amberjacks, Bluefish and Barracuda. We did a little bit of bottom fishing and caught two magnificent Stingrays.

Here is one whopper that we caught. We don't even bring them onto the transom of the boat nowadays to spare any further stress, we immediately unhook them and they swim away. Whilst they are edible, stingrays are not what we are after. When bottom fishing we want Sea-bass, Amberjacks, Trigger-fish and stuff that is generally easy cooking!

It was my Brother Tony's (also of Club Olympus) first trip out with us. He had a great day and had some good catches. In fact he caught the first fish on the boat with a nice Mackerel. I also had a good day as you can see below.

A nice couple of Barracuda and Red Snapper, all good eating. See below what I did with one of my Barracuda!

Barracuda, wrapped in a tinfoil parcel with Lemon juice, celery, onion, cherry tomatoes and chopped grapes, salt and pepper, in the oven for 30 minutes. Fabulous!

So all in all a great day. Fishing is just one of the many things to be done here in Tenerife. If you are interested in knowing more, please check out Jamie's web site here at The Happy Hooker

Jamie's boat is based out of Puerto Colon just below Club Olympus, about a 10 minute walk. Ask any Olympus team member and we will point you in the right direction!

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 Oct 16th, 2015

The giant Waterpark Siam-Park which is one of our closest neighbours at Club Olympus, has opened a brand new shopping Mall.

This new development is packed with shops, bars and restaurants. Very tastefully done, it makes for a very handy one-stop shopping trip.

Again it has a Thailand based theme throughout in a similar fashion to Siam-Park and really is a beautiful place to visit. A lovely feature is that all the ceilings are made with gorgeous wooden beams, pillars and panelling. It must have cost a fortune to build it.

It certainly gives the place a very relaxing atmosphere that is assisted by lots of water and fountains. Now I (Ivan) am not a great one for shopping but I know that many of you are. Situated right next door to Siam-Park, Siam-Mall is a terrific shopping experience.

And it's right next door!!!!

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 Oct 7th, 2015

At a recent Timeshare event in Marbella (RDO conference) The Management Team at Club Olympus were very pleased to meet up with world famous TV Chef Anthony Worrall Thompson.

Mr Worrall Thompson was having lunch at the Beach House Restaurant as indeed we were, he very kindly came over for a chat and for photo's. He was very charming and kind and it was a pleasure to meet him.

From left to right: Jodie Darnbrook, Anthony Worrall Thompson, Tony Rhodes and Ivan Rhodes.


 Olympus World
 Oct 7th, 2015

Another sad loss for Club Olympus this year was Gabby Rhodes. Gabby has looked after the Kids Club and Animation team for quite a few years and she has now moved back to the UK.

Pictured above is Gabby at one of our favourite restaurants "Era Las Mozas". They specialise in Vegetarian food as you can see!

The team were very sad to lose Gabby but we had a nice sending off party for her. Here below is Gabby opening her leaving gifts.


And here below is Gabby with most of our team here at Club Olympus in the Poolside Bar

We wish Gabby all the very best for the future but know we will see her soon.

Cheers Gabby

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 Olympus World
 Oct 7th, 2015

Hi all, just a quick reminder that our Facebook page is very active. We post almost daily and there are plenty of new items and updates on that page. Also, you can intereact with us very easily. Our Facebook page is club-olympus

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