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 Olympus World
 Dec 16th, 2015

It took about a week to do some improvements to the Poolside Bar at Club Olympus. The old Bar area needed a tidy up as it was getting tired and had broken tiles on the bar surface. We also needed to extend it a little to make it more user friendly and to provide a Service Area for the team to dispense drinks for the outside tables.

This has all now been done and the bar is operating at full blast. A couple more fixed bar stools need to be added and they are being fabricated right now. We did all the work in-house except for the Bar top which is a now a granite finish fitted by specialists.

An important part of the work was to open the lower end of the bar for access by the staff. It meant digging a trench in the floor so that we could bury Beer lines and power cables. It has all been done succesfully.

And.....our Hugo is very pleased!

We also replaced all the bar furniture with lovely brand new, shiny, tables and chairs and it looks great. So we are ready to provide you with a great winter service down at the resort!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

 Olympus World
 Dec 3rd, 2015

Starting on Monday the 7th of December we are beginning some alterations in the Poolside Bar. We are removing the existing, literal bar and replacing it.

The bar itself will stay open. Temporary beer pumps will be in place and all drinks and services will continue as normal. The Kitchen remains unaffected and food will be served as normal. While we expect a small amount of disruption we will keep it to a minimum. The daytime entertainment with Gordon on Tuesday's and Fridays will also continue.

We think the work will take about a week!

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