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 May 6th, 2017


Our upgrading and refurbishing of apartments at Club Olympus is moving along very nicely, however please note that these apartments are exclusively for the use of Club Olympus timeshare Owners and their guests.

We are very pleased with progress and the maintenance team have really swung into action. As we imagined, the improvements are happening faster as the team get used to the programme and become more familiar with the task.


Being able to bulk buy furniture, fittings and material in advance means that we can move rapidly to our next apartment without waiting for supplies.

Each kitchen is slightly different in size and shape so Designer Deborah Rhodes makes sure that the arriving team know exactly what to do when they arrive at their next project. Six apartments have already been completed and we are well on with the Seventh.

The 'Walk-In' showers are proving to be a real blessing. Over the years, baths chip or rust and can be slippery so our Owners very much appreciate the convenience of a 'Walk-in' shower. They are also easier and cheaper to maintain!


Overall, using robust materials will also make savings in the long run. Every item is put in to the apartments on the basis that it is easy to clean, repair or replace as time goes on. Everybody who has seen the completed apartments tells us that they very pleased with the results.

As refurbishment money comes in, it is 'ring-fenced' to be used only for the programme. We are so pleased at the patience shown by our members who are making their payments enabling the programme to leap forward. Every penny is carefully used to the maximum to ensure that our wonderful time-share owners get the quality that they deserve.


The Owners Committee and the team down at Club Olympus really appreciate the faith that you have put in the refurbishment programme and we want to show that we are delivering on that promise.

Please INSIST on seeing one of the apartments when you are next here. You will be delighted and again, thank you for your patience!

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