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 Olympus World
 Oct 12th, 2008

We hit Siam Park today for the first time and honestly it exceeded all expectations, in fact I am slightly sunburned, still covered in sun cream and sand and pleasantly exhausted as I am writing this!

This Theme Park is without a doubt on a par with anything that you will find in Florida, California, Cancun or wherever. The water rides are superb, particularly “The Dragon”, “The Volcano” and the Wave pool. There is a glorious white sandy beach and when you are relaxing there you could honestly be in the Caribbean (without the hurricanes, daily downpours, humidity or insects!). The entrance fee is 28 Euros for adults and it is worth every penny. Once inside, the prices for food and drinks are very reasonable and the quality is very high. The entrance is literally a 3 or 4 minute walk from Club Olympus in Garden City.

We think it is a superb day out and had a blast so do give it a shot when you are down here. If you have already been, leave us a comment (click on “comment” just below) or if you have any questions drop us a line via “comments”. Click here for the official Siam Park website.

Cheers - Ivan

 Olympus World
 Sep 16th, 2008

The fabulous Siam Park had its official opening ceremony yesterday evening and Club Olympus were invited. Peter Rhodes represented Club Olympus as the park was opened by a Princess from the Thai Royal family.

Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn signs the opening page of the visitors book at Siam Park. Stood at her side is Mr Wolfgang Kiessling the owner of Siam Park and also of the world famous Loro Parque in Puerto De L Cruz.

Over 2,000 guests were present at this grand occasion which marks a very important point in the history of the south of Tenerife.

The opening ceremony was attended by many local dignitaries including the President of the Cabildo of Tenerife and the President of the Cabildo of the Canary Islands.

Here on the left is Senor Paulino Rivero, President of the Canary Islands and in the centre rear is Senor Ricardo Melchior, President of Tenerife.

The Park is going to be the largest of its kind in the world and will be mainly a water based theme park with a flavour of Thailand.

Guests at the ceremony enjoyed traditional Thai Dancing as well as arts and crafts from ancient Siam as Thailand was known.

The visitors had a tour of the Park and saw the various rides, slides and attractions in action.

Siam Park will feature the biggest “Wave Pool” in the world. It has an enormous ‘beach’ area and amazingly generates surfable waves!

There are many different types of slides include “The Tower of Power” which features a 90 foot sheer drop! However there are many more gentler slides such as this one below.

Lots of animals will be a part of the Park and the first ones have begun to arrive as the first phase nears completion. There are two more phases yet to be constructed and one of them will include the worlds largest Roller Coaster using the natural contours of the parkland. Animals are still being located at various Zoos and theme parks to bring into the Park. The Kiessling family have a great reputation for conservation and the breeding of endangered species. They also are insistant on keeping animals in the conditions that closely resemble their original habitats.

After the tour the Mayors of Adeje and Arona Districts gave speeches welcoming the opening of the Theme Park. Here below is Senor Jose Fraga, the mayor of Adeje Province under which jurisdiction Siam Park comes as well as that of Club Olympus in Garden City.

The evening was topped off with a superb show followed by a spectacular firework display and the Park was officially open. Here below, at the conclusion of the event, the President of the Canary Islands, Senor Paulino Rivero congratulates Christoph Kiessling (left) on the inaugural event.

The Park officially opens to the public tomorrow on Wednesday the 17th of September. Tickets and passes to Siam Park will be available through reception at Club Olympus. Don’t forget that Siam Park is next door to Club Olympus in Garden City and is one of the many attractions surrounding the resort that make Club Olympus one of the best placed resorts in Tenerife to have a fantastic holiday.

Club Olympus, it’s a way of life!

 Olympus World
 Sep 5th, 2008

The opening is imminent! Indications are that Siam Park could be opening in mid-September although we are not holding our breaths. Most of the rides are up and running and the infrastrucure is in place. Check out this short video of the Tower of Power on Youtube. Technical difficulties have held off the opening but we are getting word that things are very close. Very shortly Club Olympus owners and guests will be able to use this outstanding theme park! We will keep you posted!

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