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 Feb 14th, 2014

We haven't been to one of our favourite restaurants for a wee while but Ray was certainly excited to be back at Era Las Mozas!

He just had his usual light snack, a 'Chuleton' from an Ox. Of course it didn't last long.

Nor indeed was there much of it left by the time our In-House Manager had finished with it!

We visited the restaurant with a team of friends from Rochdale and a very pleasant afternoon was had by all.

You can find Restaurante "Era Las Mozas" in the town of Valle San Lorenzo. Ask any member of the Club Olympus team and they will point you in the right direction.

Bon Provecho!

 Olympus World
 Oct 3rd, 2013

We haven't had one of these for a while! All veggies, please look away now!

Yes, we were back at Restaurante "Era Las Mozas" in Valle San Lorenzo and Ray, our In-House Team manager was feeling a tad 'peckish'. The "Chuleton de Buey" or Chop from an Ox just about filled a corner.

Ray generally eats quite sensibly('ish) and is usually tea-total but every now and again he needs a man's meal.

And there it was........................................



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 Mar 11th, 2013

Just to let you know that In-House Team manager, Ray Karlsen, has not suddenly lost his appetite and gone vegetarian.

Yet again we were at one of our favourite eating houses, 'Era Las Mozas' in Valle San Lorenzo.

The food here is particularly outstanding, especially if you are meat lover. Everything is cooked to order on a giant "Brasa" or wood fired barbecue. We sit outside under a spreading Avocado Tree and enjoy their local wine.

Look at their website here

 We always sit in the same seats and Ray does enjoy his "Chuleton de Buey" or 'T-Bone from an Ox' in English

The meat here is generally brought in from Argentina and because of the quantity that they sell here is always of high quality. It is hung for just the right time and seasoned beautifully! So let's do the going, going, gone, routine!


Nearly there (after about 7 minutes!)

And there it is just about done. He did, of course, chew the bone! I love to watch this guy eat!

Tenerife has a multitude of fabulous places to eat that cater for all. Ask any member of the team at Club Olympus for directions to loads of outstanding eateries. So do come and enjoy.

See you soon.

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 May 6th, 2012

And of course, no month is complete without a shot of Club Olympus In-House Team Manager Ray Karlsen, about to devour a T-Bone steak from an Ox at one of our favourite places, Era De Las mozas, Valle San Lorenzo!

I know, it's outrageous but he is a healthy, growing lad who needs some protein! He does burn it off in 'Hedley's Gym' and is a very hardworking member of the Olympus team. However...........

The chunk of meat  from a ploughing farm Ox doesn't last long with this hungry Scouser!

 Olympus World
 Feb 9th, 2012

We are actually thinking about changing the name of this blog post to "Ray Karlsen's Good Food Guide".

At Era Las Mozas in Valle San Lorenzo, they serve outstanding Meat. Here below is an Ox T-Bone that In-House manager Ray Karlsen is about to devour!

No really, it is that big! Now I know some serious carnivores and I have watched 'Man Versus Food' on TV but what Ray does to these is incredible.

As it happens, this restaurant is fabulous for all tastes. Here in this traditional Canarian Restaurant, you can enjoy meats cooked on open fires plus all of the usual Canarian trimmings. The prices are very reasonable and their locally produced red wine is out of this world. It's only 15 minutes from Club Olympus in Garden City.

So what does Ray do to this delicious, succulent, perfectly cooked T-Bone from an Ox?

This is what he does below!


If you want to know how to get to this amazing restaurant, please ask any of the Team at Club Olympus.

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