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 Olympus World
 Jul 14th, 2015

We are sorry to let you know that our Alan is retiring from Club Olympus. Alan Gibbons has been with us for nearly twenty years and is very much a feature of our resort.

Alan has always loved people and takes great pride in caring for our Owners, guests, visitors, family and friends. He has spent hours visiting guests in hospital when necessary, looking after ones who are disabled or struggling a bit, making sure they enjoy their holidays here at Club Olympus.

He has been a constant presence, welcoming everybody and keeping an eye on everything to make sure people are happy and enjoying themselves. If something does go wrong he sorts it. His signature 'thumbs up' to everybody will be remembered.

He enjoyed a great working relationship with Resort Developer Hedley Rhodes and they were often seen laughing together. His work with us will always be deeply appreciated and we are sure you feel the same.


Many years ago, Alan worked with the local Radio service as the chief Marketeer of advertising. Having always been a bit of a 'Hippy' he rolled up to an interview with me (Ivan) dressed in a floral shirt, faded, raggy jeans, sandals, ear rings, leather bangles and a big bushy beard. I said "Al, you can't work with Club Olympus looking like that". "No problem Ive, I'll see ya tomorrow" he said.

Next day Alan appears in the bar, clean shaven, no ear rings, smart shirt, trousers and proper shoes and socks, only one bangle and said "What do you think?". I said "I think you start tomorrow" and so Alan's long history with us began.

Pictured above is Alan with his lovely wife Mandy.

We will miss him and we wish Alan and Mandy, all the very best wishes for the future and no doubt we will see them soon.

 Olympus World
 May 29th, 2015

Tenerife has a vast selection of high quality eating places covering virtually all types. Chinese is a particulour favourite and one of the best is the "Overseas" Restaurant just below Beverley Hills in Los Cristianos.

In very modern surroundings you can enjoy ancient chinese cooking as I am doing in the picture above!

I love Dim Sum, so a splendid starter of Sui Mai was a natural place to begin. In fact the "Overseas" has a full Dim Sum or chinese dumpling menu.

Our Sales Manager Ray is very much a Noodle-man and that was his choice of main course!


Prawn Noodles for Ray, Sweet and Sour Chicken for me with a Special Fried Rice to share! Fabulous.

We were there quite early at about 1pm'ish. The Spanish clientele tend to eat later, usually between 2 and 3 so the restaurant wasn't so busy. The service was terrific and prices reasonable. It really is a great spot for lunch or dinner.


It is about a 15 minute taxi ride from Club Olympus and most taxi drivers know it well. Of course simply ask any Olympus team member for directions and they will sort you out.

If you enjoy Chinese food, you will enjoy Overseas Chinese Restaurant in Los Cristianos! It is a 'Fusion' Restaurant so they also have Thai food and combinations of the two. The family who run the Overseas are very friendly and the restaurant is immaculate.

Give it a go!

 Click here for their website - Overseas

Bon Provecho!


 Olympus World
 Mar 27th, 2015

We had quite a good view of Mount Teide this morning. At over 12,000 feet high it is the tallest mountain in Spanish territory and can have snow on it for large parts of the year.

I took this shot using a Tele-photo lens from our Pool side, then gradually just pulled the image back. The idea being to show the contrast between snow on the mountain and the weather down at Club Olympus.


The mountain peeks out above the Iberostar Las Dalias hotel next door to Club Olympus in Garden City.

You can already see the warmth reflected in our pan-tiled rooves at Garden City and when we pull right back to our Pool pic, it completes the sequence!

How amazing is that! Below freezing at the top of Teide to 25 degrees by the Pool.

Mount Teide is an iconic part of Tenerife and dictates the weather patterns and micro-climates of this amazing island. For example, whem most of the island is under cloud cover, Playa De Las Americas and Los Cristianos tend not to be. Hence being the centre of sunshine holidays in Europe.

Click here for more information about Mount Teide.

 Olympus World
 May 27th, 2014

After not visiting Loro Parque in Puerto De La Cruz for a couple of years, having family out from the UK meant a trip was on the cards. I had forgotten what a fabulous place it was! In the two years since our last visit there are many more attractions and up-grades to this superb park. It used to be a "Parrot-Park" but it is now so much more.


Pretty much the first thing you see upon entering the park is this 'big fella'. He always manages to position himself where he can keep an eye on the comings and goings.

Another big attraction at the Loro Parque are the White Tigers, one of which I photographed below.

They really are spectacular and not the least bit concerned at being stared at. Quite often you see them swimming in their large natural looking pool as Tigers love water.

Other big cats include the magnificent Jaguar from South America. This big male is paired with a black Jaguar female pictured below. The offspring can be either black or spotted as the black gene carries through in about 1 out of 6 cubs (as far as I can remember and I stand to be corrected!)

She really is a beauty isn't she? You can see that even though the coat is black, the spotting is there in shades.

Another absolute delight at the park is the Dolphin show. You can clearly see that the Dolphins love what they are doing.


Fairly recently at Loro Parque, they introduced Orcas brought over from Sea-World in Florida. They based the Orca section on Sea-Worlds design and used their succesful breeding programme for the Orca's in the show.

We caught the last (and quietest) show of the day. The big Lad above is Keto, who I think is one of Shamu's offspring!

One of the Killer Whales was actually born in Tenerife. She is called Skyla and is pictured below doing a trade mark 'breach'.

And no, I didn't sit in the 'splash-zone'. Those who do are not simply splashed, more like half drowned in freezing water!


Some of my favourite animals are the Meerkats and they have loads of them here. In fact they are breeding like ra.....Meerkats!

We had an absolute blast at this outstanding Parque and of course there are many more things to see and do. Not to mention the world's biggest collection of parrots.

Tickets for Loro-Parque are available at our reception and there are regular coaches to the Park from the South.

When you are next here. Give it a go.

 Olympus World
 Oct 16th, 2013

We are always upset when we lose timeshare owners, over the years it sort of becomes inevitable. We recently learned of the passing away of one of our owners who really had a remarkable story.

Ruth Langham was a 'a bit of a wild child' (in her own words) but that changed when she volunteered to work in the Rumanian orphanages after the death of Dictator Ceascescu. Many of the orphans had HIV or suffered disabilities and desperately needed care.

Eventually Ruth adopted a child with a serious cleft palate, discovered he had a twin brother with a similar disability in another orhanage and adopted him too. She raised the boys as her own in the UK and they became familiar figures here at Club Olympus.

Ion and Dumitru entertained us often on the Karaoke, particularly with their version of 'The Crazy Frog'. The boys grew into fine young men. Devoted mum Ruth loved her hols at Club Olympus and became very much part of the Olympus family. Ruth lost her lengthy battle with cancer last week omega replica italia and we will miss her.

Pictured above from left to right are Ion (pronounced Yon), Joanne from Club Olympus, Ruth and her friend Viv. The twin missing from the shot is Dumitru, because he took the photo!

We have embedded below a fabulous short documentary made by Dumitru about their life. In this 10 minute film, Dumitru interviews his mum and family. It is worth watching and has already won a prize at the Cannes Film Festival.


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