Mount Teide in the news
 Olympus World
 Jun 16th, 2009

Recent press reports in the UK started a rumour that Volcanic Mount Teide was near to some sort of eruption. Quite a number of Club Olympus owners and guests have commented on this in the last few weeks.

The Tenerife government has stressed that Mount Teide has shown no sign of any volcanic activity according to the main institiute that manages volcanic surveillance (ITER).

In addition the Scientific Volcanic Evaluation and Monitor Committee, which monitors volcanic activity in Spain, have seen no reason to issue warnings.

The President of the "Cabildo of Tenerife", Ricardo Melchior, has submitted a written complaint to certain scientists complaining of contradictory and incorrect information. The Cabildo (or autonomous parliament) stresses that not only is there no indication of any volcanic activity but that the island is equipped to deal with any volcanic risk situation if it were ever to arise.

Here in Tenerife there has been not a hint of anything untoward and I drove past Teide last week and took this shot - Ivan

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