Another RDO Reminder
 Olympus World
 Nov 11th, 2010

Another reminder to check out the website of the RDO (Resort Development Organisation). This Organisation was previously known as the OTE. They act as a Watchdog for members of the Organisation and have a strict code of conduct. They also keep everybody up-to-date with the latest scams and problems that are often visited upon timeshare owners.

Another website worth checking regularly is the GoTimeshare website sponsored by the RDO

Here below is a picture of Jodie Rhodes of Club Olympus (left) with Nikkie De Waal of the RDO at the recent RDO1 event held in Marbella.

Jodie Rhodes is the UK Director of Travel and Customer Services at Club Olympus and  Nikkie De Waal is the Director for Membership & Executive Coordination at the RDO

 Club Olympus are founder members of the OTE now the RDO and are proud to be associated with this organisation.

Here below is a quick shot of Ivan at the same event.

We are not sure what he is doing but there are certainly lessons to be learned.

Bob on Nov 15th, 2010
It'll never get off the ground. See you in Feb.Best wishes to all. Bob.
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