Gone Fishin' by Ivan
 Olympus World
 Aug 12th, 2014

As you regular blog readers know, I do enjoy sea-fishing and living in Tenerife is a sea fishers dream. We are surrounded by glorious blue water and the weather makes fishing here a year round sport. Since losing Dad, Hedley, last year we have had a hectic year sorting out paperwork, lawyers, trustees and so on, so I have not had much time for indulging in my favourite activity but, I was invited by Jamie Hinson of the "Happy Hooker" to join him for a day yesterday.

So off we went, nice and early. Jamie (who was a receptionist at Club Olympus for quite a while) has a new boat based out of Puerto Colon Marina, a ten minute walk from Club Olympus. It is called the "Happy Hooker 2" and is much bigger than his previous boat. He can take a party of 8 and the new boat has a galley, much better deck space and very importantly, a toilet!

His new boat is pictured below.

As you can see, it is bristling with heavy duty fishing gear. Jamie has really 'upped the bar' on his fishing capability and his boat can now handle anything. The main objective is to catch Marlin. The "Happy Hooker 2" has an impressive catch record, however Jamie is very much into the catch, tag and release of these magnificent animals.


catching game fish is done by 'Trolling' with artificial lures and indeed we had a 'White Marlin' strike later on in the day but the fish threw the hook and we didn't land it. My main love is bottom fishing however and we caught a great deal of Mackerel and local fish known as 'Boga's' as well as about 5 decent sized sting rays.

We don't bring the sting rays on board because they can be dangerous, their tails have a barbed, dagger like appendage that can indeed cause a nasty sting. Also, these beautiful fish while being edible are allowed to go straight back into the sea.


Here above is another Ray that we caught, they put up a good fight and a serious bend in the rod. You can just see his stinger at the end of the tail. Below is a shot of Tenerife taken from a couple of miles out. You can clearly see Mount Teide, the highest point of Spanish territory.

We are really blessed here in Tenerife with that tremendous mix of mountains and ocean. That of course is why you all come here to enjoy this wonderful island.

So we had a great day and all-in-all I caught about 20 fish. Pictured above is a not very flattering photo of my 'selfie' on the ocean wave. If you would like to go fishing click here for a link to Jamie's Happy Hooker web-site or find him on face book or indeed ask any of the team at Club Olympus and we will put you in touch.

Pictured above right is Jamie Hinson with Deck-Hand 'Foro and they are ready to welcome you aboard.

Tight Lines everybody!

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