Road improvements progressing!
 Olympus World
 Jan 24th, 2015

As mentioned in the last post, Improvements are being carrried out at the front of Club Olympus in Garden City. These things take time (especially in Spain) but we are seeing rapid progress.

As you can see, the authorities are taking the opportunity to lay new water and power mains. It's not pretty but it is essential. In the shot below you can see that the paving edges are being layed and the ground levelled to make for the paving tiles.

So progress is definitely being made. We were told yesterday that this section pictured would be completed in three months and the whole replique montre de luxe project would take up to eight months.

The works have not yet got as far as the Club Olympus Reception but when it does we have been promised that area would be made level and provide easier access.

Here above we can see Lupe and Alan of our Reception team. And of course everything inside the resort is as it should be!

We will keep you posted as to further progress.

Chrissie Woodward on Feb 10th, 2015
Looking forward to seeing you all friday !! Keep the beer cold xx
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